Sharp 5-Inch Damascus Steel Steak Knife

The Sharp 5-inch Damascus Steel Steak Knife is a versatile and high-quality kitchen tool, forged with 67 layers of Damascus steel. With a 65-degree angle and ergonomic design, this multifunctional knife is ideal for precision cutting of fruits, meats, and vegetables with ease and efficiency.


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The Sharp 5-inch Damascus Steel Steak Knife is a versatile, high-quality kitchen tool forged with Damascus steel. This multifunctional blade combines the precision of a chef’s knife with the versatility of a cleaver, making it an essential element in any kitchen.

Crafted with 67 layers of Damascus steel, this utility knife offers a durable, corrosion-resistant blade with an extremely sharp and precise edge. The 65-degree blade angle allows for clean and efficient cuts, whether you’re processing fruits, meats, or vegetables. Its ergonomic design and stainless steel handle provide comfort and control during use, even during extended food preparation tasks.

Whether you’re a professional chef or a cooking enthusiast, the Elegant 5-inch Damascus Steel Steak Knife is a must-have tool that will elevate your culinary skills to new levels of versatility and efficiency. With its high-quality construction and exceptional performance, this knife will quickly become an indispensable favorite in your kitchen.

Kitchen Knife Size

5 Inch

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